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Inclement weather policy for the Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational

Coach: Safety is our primary concern regarding severe weather and all sites are equipped with the latest in Electronic Lightning Detectors. In the event that a game needs to be stopped due to inclement weather, lightning, etc., you will be instructed by one or all of the following methods:

1) Notified by tournament official;
2) Notified by referees;
3) Air Horns (See official Rules.)

Everyone should then go to their cars or a place of safety. DO NOT LEAVE THE SITE. The air horns will sound again, or a tournament official will inform you, when everything is all clear. You should then return to the field of play.

If it is necessary for you to check with Site Headquarters regarding weather situations, we ask that ONLY the teamís head coach go to the Headquarters Area, as space is limited.


Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational
P.O. Box 251 Troy, Ohio, 45373 (937) 684-9322
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