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Welcome to the 2021 Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational

Inclement weather policy for the Troy Strawberry Festival Soccer Invitational

The protection of Strawberry Soccer Invitational guests is of paramount importance. Every participant (player, fan, official) should recognize the danger presented by lightning, tornados and other hazardous weather. The following items represent generally accepted principles regarding the dangers involved with lightning
and tornados.

• All thunderstorms produce lightning and are dangerous.
• Lightning often strikes as far as 10 miles away from any rainfall. You are in danger from lightning if you can hear thunder. You are in danger if you can see lightning.
• Lightning injuries can lead to permanent disabilities or death. Look for dark cloud bases and increasing wind.
• Lightning can travel sideways for up to 10 miles and strike when skies are blue.
• Soccer fields are a dangerous place to be during a lightning storm. When lightning is seen or thunder is heard, or when dark threatening clouds are observed, quickly suspend the game and/or practice and move to a safe location.
• Avoid standing in an open area, near soccer goals, under a tent, near trees or in water. The safest place during a thunderstorm with or without visible lightning is in a car, but not a convertible.

• Watch for rapidly darkening skies.
• The sound of an approaching tornado is often described as that of an approaching train.
• The funnel of a tornado does not have to touch down to cause extensive damage and injuries.
• Tornados can produce winds of 300 miles per hour or more.
• Most people who are hurt during a tornado are hurt when they are struck by flying debris.
• Seek safety in a solid structure, preferably in a basement or in an interior room. If no building is available, lay down in a ditch.

In any of the circumstances outlined below occurs, the referee should immediately suspend the game.
1. If thunder is heard, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.
2. If lightning is seen, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter.
3. If a thunderstorm is heard or seen coming or your hair stands on end, the game should be suspended and the fields cleared. Everyone should immediately go to a safe shelter. Do not wait until it rains.

1) Notified by tournament official;
2) Notified by referees;
3) Air Horns

Upon notification through the above protocol, everyone should go to their cars or a place of safety. DO NOT LEAVE THE SITE.

Site officials must observe 30 minutes clear of lightning before communicating games may be restarted. The air horns will sound again, or a tournament official will inform you when everything is all clear. You should then return to the field of play.

If it is necessary for you to check with Site Headquarters regarding weather situations, we ask that ONLY the team's head coach goes to the Headquarters Area, as space is limited.


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